Dan Jennings offers personal trading lessons for all levels of traders from beginners to experts. The training sessions are designed for those who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding about the world of trading in general, including both technical and fundamental analysis and to learn how to use a rules-based trading system to optimize
your monthly returns.


  • Learn how to choose the right currency pairs for your
    trading objectives
  • Learn to track the market using technical analysis
  • Develop your personalized trading performance benchmarks
  • Practice strategy execution with real time data
  • Identify ideal entry and exit points, by learning how to determine
    strong support and resistance levels.
  • Using specific charting indicators to maximize profits on each trade

Experienced traders:

  • In-depth understanding about market trends
  • Decision-making
  • The psychology behind trading and how human emotions cause massive losses.
  • Own strategy review, and using a discipline rules based trading system (plan) to determine the highest potential trades
  • Using specific charting indicators to maximize profits on each trade.
  • Long-term investment paths.

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About Dan Jennings Chief Market Strategist

  • BA in Business Administration
  • MBA from IVY League University
  • 24+ years of experience
  • Full-time professional trader with 16 years of experience as a proprietary trader on Wall Street
  • Wide forex coaching/mentoring experience

The trading platform used in the personal sessions is provided by UBCFX. UBCFX, or United Brokers Collaboration, is a professional brokerage initially established by independent traders, joined together with an aim to provide a unique environment for traders all over the world.