Trading Signals in MetaTrader 5

UBCFX provides its clients with trading signals service that allows the automatic real-time copying of trading operations from one trading account to another. Follow and copy hundreds of successful traders in the MQL5 community for free or for a reasonable fee. Since MQL5 is provided by the creators of MetaTrader 5, you can access MQL5 from within your UBCFX MT5 trading platform itself.

  • Big selection of signal providers to choose from
  • No installation needed – the service is already built-in
  • No manual intervention required – trades are copied automatically

TOP 10 Signals

Top 10 Signals show the best signals at the current moment.

Each signal contains signal's rating, growth and current balance.


Find out more about the Trading Signals service from MT5 video tutorials:


Trading Signals showcase in MetaTrader 5

How to choose a trading signals and subscribe to it in MetaTrader Platforms? Its easy! Watch the video and you will know everything about trading signals.

Detailed statistics of a trading signal in MetaTrader 5

In MetaTrader Platforms the most valuable parameters of trading signals are placed in a separate block. From this video you will find out where to find them and what to pay attention to.

Trade statistics, growth, equity & balance graphs of the Trading Signals of MetaTrader 5

Trade statistics is a detailed information on a signal, that will help you to make a wise decision. Growth, equity & balance graphs allow you to visually estimate a successful provider directly in MetaTrader Platforms.

Risks, distribution, news and reviews of trading signals in MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader Reports will show you how risky your provider trades and what other subscriber think of that?

Visualize a trading signal on a chart in MetaTrader 5

The effectiveness of the entry points and the unrealized profit can be easily assessed with the visualized chart of provider's deals in MetaTrader Platforms.

Subscribe to a trading signal in MetaTrader 5

How to subscribe to a signal in MetaTrader Platforms and what parameters to set up: should you copy the stop levels, what part of your deposit will take part in copying and what slippage to choose?

The report on the copied Trading Signals in MetaTrader 5

Detailed information on complete and active subscriptions will help you to estimate the effectiveness of every single provider. These MetaTrader reports will show you the profit gained from money spent for subscription.

The mark up spread is added to actual market spreads and in fact is the profit of the broker you’re dealing with.