Why we chose to be unregulated?

The unregulated forex companies provide traders with the opportunity to easily trade with the market trend whether it is heading up or down. Unregulated companies can also offer a greater product range than regulated, that have limitations.

Regulation Often Prevents Trading in Stock Bear Markets

The forex market differs from the stock market in the fact that you can go long or short just about any currency pair at any time you can find a price, due to its lack of regulation.

Main Benefits of unregulated forex company

    1. Higher leverage\lower margin requirement. Unregulated companies can offer higher leverage and interest paying accounts to their clients, which are unavailable at the firms regulated subsidiaries.
    2. Not regulated assets availability with leverage, like cryptocurrencies. Unregulated firm can offer a different product range and to reach clients they wouldn’t be otherwise able to attend.
    3. Personal one-on-one trading training and support, which is key for new traders and can save them from loss.
    4. Lower trading costs (no swap and roll over fees for example).

    Overall, the greater freedom that the unregulated forex companies provides traders tends to make the forex market more effective and allows traders to profit equally from either bull markets or bear markets, easily.

    The mark up spread is added to actual market spreads and in fact is the profit of the broker you’re dealing with.